In a society where we have been told that blue is for boys and pink is for girls I believe it is time to break down the gender stereotypes and start creating spaces for our children that are neutral to these conforms. 


Take a peek into a room I styled for 3 year old Sam. I wanted to create a space that has the charm of a children's space but had a calming palette that they could be in without an overwhelming colour sensory. This space allows them to decide who they want to be without telling them who they should be. 



 Through muted tones and soft eggshell and beiges mixed with pops of burnt ochre and rust, I created a space that still sparked the energy of a children's space. When thinking of designing a children's space, keep in mind how easy it is to influence your children's spaces with colour in their early development. That being said, if your child loves pink or blue go for it! It's just good to keep in mind that children don't quite know what they identify as in their younger years, so let them decide, neutrally and naturally.